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Keyword retriever is full of EASY-TO-USE features that make keyword research simple and quick. Some of these outstanding features include….

• In-Wordpress Updates: Keyword retriever combines best parts of top-selling keyword research products such as Market Samurai, Long Tail Pro and Keyword XP…saving you lots of money. Even if you already own these products, none of them update right inside your website, do they?

• Live Optimization: Find variations of your keywords right inside your WordPress site. This saves you time as now you don’t need to import/export keywords. Do all your keyword research right inside your post/page…while you write a post.

• Wider Net: Keyword variations help you cast a wider net. So you get more traffic avenues within a single post…two birds with one stone!

• Daily Search: The tool EVEN gives you the daily search numbers…so you know exactly which keywords can bring you the most traffic! Now, you don’t need to go anywhere to look for high search volume keywords.

• Tag Optimization: Found a decent keyword and want to optimize your post without changing the content? We have you covered. Simply add these keywords as tags, and increase your content visibility online.

• Density Optimizer: Most people have to manually search through the content to find how often a keyword is repeated. Instead, Keyword retriever calculates this keyword density on-the-fly…saving you time and complicated maths!

• Graphic Optimizer: Keyword density checker shows up as a graphic bar, so you can quickly and easily check the keywords you are best optimized for. Never again get penalized for over-optimization

• Google Connected: To help you stay ahead of the competition, we have integrated with Google Adwords…and when we get our information straight from the horse’s mouth…Google will love what you have!

• Stay Ahead: Find latest and most-used keywords with Keyword retriever. This tool gets the latest keywords straight from Google. If Google knows it, you know it! This way, you can stay ahead of your competition.

Get These Awesome Features in the Basic Version + These Added Features in the Pro Version

• Silo structures: Did you know that you can increase your traffic MANY times if you use internal linking? Not just that…your SEO improves as well. For over 14 months, Google has been paying close attention to internal linking, and they rank sites with better internal linking.

Keyword retriever Pro gives you the perfect silo structure for your website. Just pick any of the keyword you want, and link it to an internal page of your choice. When you update, your post will contain a link to the target post…with your choice of keyword!

• Internal Linking: Internal linking gives your website the perfect optimization. This helps you get more love from Google…and higher rankings!

• Affiliate Hot-Linking: We have introduced a never-before-seen feature in Keyword Retriever Pro. You can link the affiliate offers of your choice from within the page…right when you are checking the keyword variations. This will give you PLENTY more opportunities to monetize.

• Better Monetization: With Keyword Retriever Pro, you can put MORE money in your pocket! Just link out to affiliate products that you want to promote, with the keywords that have high search volume…and there you have it…same effort, more money!

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