Keyword Research

Advanced Keyword Research Tools that help analyze your competition
and destroy them in the search engine results

Report of Analysis for Keywords

With the ‘Long Tail Keywords’ tools, you can access, possibly, thousands of untapped keywords, in just a few seconds. All you have to do is to type in a keyword and  select a database:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • YouTube
  • Amazon
  • eBay

This is a great idea generator, or simply a way to find long tail anchor phrases to use in your SEO campaigns. Now you can know about them first!

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Why is Keyword Research so Important?

SEO keywords have always played a vital role in any online marketing or advertising campaign. From web content to blogs, strategic keywords are designed to connect customers and visitors to the products and services. As a hub for SEO marketing and optimization, Google features keyword research tools that are essential for optimal analysis. From long tail keywords to LSI, the search engine enables clients to see which SEO keywords are most effective in their respective industry or niche. This, however, does not mean that you need an extensive and costly keyword campaign to remain competitively viable. It simply means that certain keywords are appearing in search results more than others.

Understanding Which Keywords You Need

Keyword analysis and assessment is essential for any website or blog. With LSI and variants, clients are able to access a myriad of keywords that cover a particular niche or industry. For example: a carpet cleaning business should fare strongly with keywords like “carpet cleaning”, “carpet cleaners”, or even “steam cleaning carpets”. These are considered central or core keywords, which can strategically be embedded within content. In today’s digital environment, the need for lengthy or bulky keywords is no longer there. In fact, today’s keywords are smaller and more precise and concise to your respective field. There should also be no more 3-5 keywords per page – which helps avoid repetitiveness and possible bans or suspensions from search engines for keyword stuffing.

Analyzing Keywords and LSI

Even with the right keywords for your site, analysis and research is of paramount importance. This way, you can check how well your keywords are performing against competitors in your industry. While you should always target key or essential keywords, including variants can also extend your keyword base for search results and listings. For example: “applesauce” as a keyword can also include “apple sauce”, “apple pudding”. This is a great way to cover a range of possible search queries from new and existing visitors.