Keyword Canine 2.0 Review In ACTION! By Jonathan Leger

– keyword canine 2.0 review in ACTION! by Jonathan Leger – keyword canine Sniff out highly profitable keywords for cheap! Instant competition analysis for TOP Search Engine Rankings!

Why We’re The Best Keyword Tool On The Market: Keyword and Competition analysis redefined! Find profitable niches, analyze keywords on the fly, boost your sites with solid backlinks, do complete backlink analysis with anchor text breakdowns, link depth and more!

Here’s the link to Keyword Canine again:

We believe KC 2.0 is a complete tool. Just look at some of its amazing features:

#1 Competition Analysis – KC has a complex algorithm in place to determine how difficult any particular keyword(s) would be to get ranked in the top Search Engines. This algorithm takes into account several critical data points and works on a 0 to 100 scale. In short, we believe our strength indicator is the most accurate of all of our competitors.

#2 Backlink Analysis – As a smart Internet Marketer, you likely understand the importance of not only monitoring the backlinks of your own websites, but also that of your competitors websites. With KC’s backlink analyzer you can do both, while seeing backlink breakdowns, PageRank breakdowns, Anchor Text breakdowns, nofollow breakdowns and much more!

#3 Keyword Explorer & Niche Finder – Our exclusive Niche Finder is basically auto brainstorming! It allows you to quickly and easily browse thousands of niches and filter the last 30 days of keywords by CPC, search volume, avg. KCRank and more to quickly find HOT niches to target! Couple that with our EXTREMELY powerful Explorer feature, which generates huge lists of keywords, and you have more keywords and data than you’ll ever need!

#4 Backlink Boosts – As if our keyword explorer, niche finder, backlink analysis and keyword analysis weren’t enough, we’ve taken it a step further and we now offer “Boosts” to give your sites a head start in the search engines! We use basic backlinking … the same type of links that we have been using successfully for years and continues to be effective (even after google Panda and Penguin!)

#5 Multi-Country Support – With most other tools you only have access to US keywords. KC’s Niche Discovery feature allows you to choose from US, UK, German or French keywords and our keyword analyzer and keyword explorer both allow our users to select one of 200+ countries to use as the default country when analyzing keywords amd competition.

#6 Limited Exposure – We understand that too many people targeting the same niche can make things very difficult for Internet Marketers like us. That’s why we limit the exposure of new niches in our niche finder by only showing the last 30 days of new niches. You can also rest assured that no keyword or phrase that you enter into KC 2.0 will be saved. We do NOT save your searches!.

#7 Precision Accuracy – All of the data that we provide either comes directly from Google, from our own data mining efforst/internal databases, or other reputable sources. With that being said, you can rest assured that any and all data that you access within KC 2.0 is 100% accurate, guaranteed or your money back!.

#8 Api Access – If you’re a coder or developer, as a KC 2.0 customer, you also gain access to our full API, which provides much of the same data that you have access to in the web interface. You can connect to our API and build useful apps for yourself or your customers very quickly and easily.

Get KC 2.0 at: – and you’ll gain access to all of these powerful features and more!