What is an RSS Aggregator

Since time immemorial, RSS aggregation has been an important tool for businesses to deliver new content to online users.  It is no secret that an RSS aggregator outweighs a new social media update and it is definitely here to stay as more businesses realize its benefits. But what exactly is a web aggregator?

What it is an RSS Aggregator

A RSS aggregator or feeder is a special web add-on that gathers regularly changing information and delivers it using parameters set by the online user. The RSS Feeder will gather content on the background as the user continues to browse new content. This is a huge benefit for both online users and those who own websites.

The Importance of RSS Aggregation

Picture a user visiting your website to read a specific article. Now if you are constantly updating your site with fresh content (to remain relevant and of course escape Google penalties) chances are the article they are looking for will be buried within a pile of new unread articles. What an RSS aggregator can do is gather the specific article the user requires and send alerts through a pop up window.

A pop-up window alerting you of the latest article you want is much convenient than having to dig through the entire website. Additionally, the user has the freedom to dismiss the pop-up for later reading, peruse through a brief summary or load the entire article and enjoy its content. The user has the freedom to personalize how they receive the feeds which makes it better to browse your website.

RSS aggregation also comes in handy in giving the users an alert of new content or launch of a new product. The RSS feeder regularly checks the websites or web pages for new content and immediately sends an alert pip up. When an article makes news, the online user will immediately be alerted, thus you will always be the first one to know whenever something new and exciting comes up in technology, sports, betting and so on.

With an RSS feeder at your disposal, it saves you the trouble of joining a new emailing list on every website you visit. Let’s be honest, we don’t all want to be spammed with content we are not interested in through email lists. An RSS aggregator allows us to get the content when we need it most.

Types of RSS Feeders

There are so many RSS aggregator add-ons out there; it’s up to you (the user) to decide which one suits your needs best. Just to mention a few, there is Amphetadesk (for Linux, Mac and Windows), FeedReader (works with Windows alone), NewsGator (for windows alone and integrates with outlook), Google reader, BlogLines and My Yahoo feeds.

An RSS aggregator gathers articles from various websites and delivers it to your desktop. Think of it as the newsboy who always tosses the latest newspaper at your doorstep every day, only that RSS aggregation allows you to receive only the news you want. For a business, this aggregator helps users interact with your website better without having to browse through entire pages.