What is an RSS Feed and Why Should You Care

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is as a way in which one can view a selection of the most recent content in a website in real time. It allows one to retrieve instantly posted content thus solving many problems for people who need to stay updated on any issues. You not only get to stay informed by the minute happenings on your area, but you also get to save time by not having to visit the sites individually. Other than that, you guarantee your privacy by not subscribing to these sites newsletters. Nowadays there are very many sites offering RSS feeds including trusted and top ranking sites like Yahoo News.

RSS, also known as web feeds can take serve various purposes thus they come in different forms. They all maintain a running list of the most recent content posted to a website. Each feed contains a headline and a summary to the content of the site. The content is usually in text format but can also be a thread, audio strip, spreadsheet or any other online content. Each item posted also contains a link to the original item on the site that you can click to access the full content.  Similarly, as fresh content is posted a new item is also added to the webform.

There are very many reasons as to why you should give a second thought at rss feed. Since they contain a small amount of content, you can easily peruse a web feed faster than going though a full site thus saving you time. Similarly, instead of just reading content from a single site, you can maintain a list of various RSS feeds from several sites.  It will be faster to go though a list of xml feeds than visiting the individual sites and scanning through the full content. This is beneficial to most people who have limited browsing time since you only have to check the RSS feed reader and get updated on any happenings.

RSS feeds are also advantageous in that you gain an overview of any updates on any interesting topics from your favorite sites even when you don’t have the chance to visit them personally. This way you won’t miss out on any new happenings.

Another reason as to why you should consider RSS feeds is that they are very advantageous to most people who are using slow dial up network. Loading a website using a slow network can not only be time wasting but frustrating as well. To avoid these detrimental instances, xml feeds come in handy since they require low bandwidth which make them download very fast. This way, a dial up user can get instant access to any updated content from dozens of sites in seconds which could have taken him minutes or even hours to access.

RSS offer considerable advantages to most internet users as well as publishers since it is an excellent medium of delivering emerging news. It is a perfect way of delivering instant announcements to the online audience and also acts as a syndication channel which makes possible for other sites to find and publish a site’s content thus extending the site’s audience vastly.