Local Directories and How They Benefit Your SEO Efforts

Although many small business owners don’t know it, online directories are one way of boosting SEO efforts and search engine rankings. Online directories and Local Directories are websites where you can submit content for users to find. They usually have very specific instructions in terms of how content is formatted and even what should be included. Users are aware that these directories contain all kinds of information and that is why they head straight there when they cannot find what they are looking for on other sites.

This is a big help in terms of SEO. Most content that is submitted usually requires a link at the bottom that leads directly back to the website. This way, if a user finds content that you have submitted and clicks on the link to your site you have bagged yourself yet another lead. There are so many directories on the internet that if you make a good effort to submit to as much content as possible you have a good chance of increasing your leads significantly.

Online directories are especially helpful when it comes to local SEO. A business that isn’t ranking very well with the search terms it is currently using can take advantage of them to rank better for those terms. This is because these directories have a lot of traffic and tend to rank well for most search terms.

There are ways that you can optimize your business for online directories. The first thing that you should do is a search for businesses similar to yours in your area in the directory and see which search terms seem to be doing well. Once you have them you can thread them into your content so that a search of the directory brings up your business in search results. You should think in broad terms – use the best search terms in your profile, in directory content, in your social media content as well as your website.

Online directories are also useful when it comes to advertising. While the traditional Yellow Pages didn’t really get much in terms of leads from advertising, online directories have proven surprisingly effective at this. For one thing, they are quite cheap – what you may pay for an Adwords campaign is much more than you would pay an online directory. They also usually have offers to encourage more businesses to invest in online advertising. It falls on you, the business owner, to choose an offer that you think would be best for your business. A well placed ad is a great way of cutting short a users search; once they see it all they have to do is click on it and get redirected to your website. Ad prices usually vary depending on what page you want your ad placed. It is advisable to go for the first page of the directory if you want to make the most of your campaign.

Remember, each ad that you place must have your physical location if you have one as well as your phone number. This cuts short the amount of time that users take to reach your business.