How to Obtain Powerful One Way SEO Friendly Links

Link building is one of the most crucial aspects of engine optimization. Since not all search engines view all links similarly, it is important to understand how to link different types of links for any site. So how do you obtain powerful one way SEO friendly links? The best way top acquire the most powerful link so as to increase your Google ranking would be obtaining a one way link from homepages like Facebook, Google or Amazon. This is because the search engine will view this type of link as more credible since it is from a trusted site as compared to reciprocal links from less trusted sites.  Similarly, these sites have the highest page ranks so a one way link from them will be very powerful.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for you to get a direct link from these sites. However, you can get a link from authoritative sites from your industry. Some of the links that have proved to be of quality include topically-relevant links. You will have to therefore think hard on how to obtain links from these relevant sites since they are the ones to benefit you most. Here are some ideas you might find beneficial.

Linkbaitting can prove to be an effective way of building powerful one-way links. This is publishing compelling content in your site such that it attracts other site’s links; and this is what search engines need you to do. Some of the content to include in your site would be unique ideas, personal knowledge or even assets and consider placing helpful and exclusive tools that can attract natural links so as you can achieve high page ranking.

Similarly, you can request links from websites that have a high page rank. Although this can prove tedious and involving, it is an essential strategy in SEO. Start by installing Firefox SEO Toolbar and this will enable you view the page rank of any website. Pick the sites you find interesting and having the best page ranks and request links from them.

Likewise, you can also request links from business partners and vendors that have a similar business relationship or idea like yours. In most instances, they will also have links to partner business’ sites and you only have to send an email to request a link. Also, if they request for a link before you do, it is advisable you give it back to them. You can also get seo-friendly links from employee blogs since they are quite valuable than reciprocal links.

Obtain links from .edu or .gov sites. Websites that contain these domains are considered as trusted sites and they can be very helpful if they offered you a one way direct link. You will have to develop close relationship with government institutions and organizations so as to be given such a link, so always appear valuable to these organizations.

As you go about requesting one way direct links to your site, it is very important to remember that you should only obtain seo-friendly links from sites that are related to yours. Similarly, request the link to be placed in close proximity to related keywords of the content on the page.