Linking Types and Linking Strategies for SEO

Linking Strategies for SEO
A link from a high authority and trusted site is gold. The more popular and relevant a site is, the more links from that site will benefit your sites rank in the search engines. A site like Wikipedia has 1000’s of diverse sites linking to it. In the search engines eyes, this means it’s probably a popular and important site. Wikipedia backlinks are one of the best links you can have.

The strongest signals the engines use in ranking is anchor text. To get a Wikipedia definition of anchor text just click on the previous link.

Linking Out
If your site links out to spammy sites, it could hurt your trust. It is a good idea in every post or page you write to link out to a well-trusted authority site like I did in the previous sentence.

If a page or site has dozens of links point to it with optimized keywords, that page has a very high probability of ranking well for the phrases in that anchor text. Too many links with the same text will get a site penalized.

Many professionals estimate that over 50% of the internet is spam.
Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others) use systems and algorithms to measuring trust. If a site has original content, does not have spammy links to it, and it is being talked about on social media and 2.0 style sites it will have a higher trust flow. The three areas mentioned are not the only factors but are probably the most impactful.

Social Sharing
Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and many more social sites have been responsible for an explosion of content being shared between friends and businesses. Social signals are becoming more and more important for SEO.

Good content that your reader and viewers want to share will show the search engines people like it. Normally people don’t share spammy type content to the social networks. This type of content can be referred to as “linkbait.” It baits the user into sharing your story or video and generating a backlink to your site. These links are natural links, and Google loves them.

Paid Links
Search engines discount the paid links on their search results. If you do a search for buying links… the search engines can find those sites also. DO NOT USE THE EASY TO FIND LINK SALESMEN. Search engines put a lot of time and resources into finding ways to detect these. You will have to get creative in finding places to buy links if you want to spend the money.

Private Blog Networks
A better choice for buying links could be Private Blog Networks. This is also an area that the search engines are cracking down on, but is still very effective. Private blog networks are a very in depth subject that we will cover in a different section.

Internal Linking
Internal linking for SEO is very easy and works when done correctly. If you take a look at Wikipedia, you will see a bunch of links on every page linking to other pages on their site. They do not carry as much weight as external links coming to your site and pages but are very effective and in my opinion are the first thing you should optimize.