Merch Tracker - Merch By Amazon Rank Tracker And Historical BSR/Price Data

With the release of our new features, the Merch Tracker has finally come to life. If you want to see the video on the Merch Hunter, please see that here: After many requests, we have implemented the Merch Tracker. This module inside Merch Informer lets you track your own shirts or competitor tees for BSR/Price changes over time building beautiful graphs. Perfect for any marketing campaigns and analyzing data which allows you to see exactly what kind of effect your efforts are having. One of the most exciting aspects of this module is the ability to track your keywords on Amazon by keyword. You will be able to see exactly what position you are ranking in and how that changes after you optimize your listings.

Bulk Backlink Checker: Majestic SEO Training

If you have a large list of web pages – this tool lets you easily see how many links and how influential each one is – in seconds. This short video will show you how to analyse a whole website or market sector in seconds.

How To Use The Google Keyword Planner (vs. Keyword Tool) For SEO

Updated video at Free SEO Toolbook at and free class materials at KEYWORD PLANNER – Learning how to use the Keyword Planner is a must for both AdWords and SEO. This tutorial explains how to use the Google Keyword Planner for SEO (Search Engine Optimization purposes) and for AdWords. Here are some tips and tricks! Let’s get started with the new and exciting Keyword Planner! In it you will * Learn how to set up the Keyword Planner for keyword discovery. * Learn how to find educational, transactional, early and late stage keywords. * Learn how to optimize the tool so that you get specific useful keywords for search engine optimization and AdWords. Have Fun!

Rank Checker: How To Use SEO Book's Rank Checker To Check Your Rank On Google

SERP stands for ‘Search Engine Results Page,’ and to be effective at SEO you want to check your SERP rank across keywords. (Free materials at In this video I explain how to obtain the free Rank Checker tool from SEO Book, and then use this free SERP rank checker tool to measure your rank for target searches. This is a fantastic free tool and definitely one that should be in your SEO arsenal! Let’s get started!

How To Quickly Rank Your Web Page In Google

How to quickly rank web pages in Google. Latest 2017 course can be found here: This video lesson shows how to achieve top search engine ranking position for their websites. This Google search engine optimisation video tutorial looks at critical web page elements when creating website content. How to create web page elements such as URL naming, title, meta description, heading tags and content for gaining higher Google rankings quickly and rapidly is shown. Created by SEO specialist this video session shows insights into gaining better Google search engine results for web site owners. More useful information on how Google search engine works can be found here If you want to learn more about how PageRank is calculated then visit We hope you found how to rapidly rank your web page in Google video session useful & we encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel Now that you know Google rankings are not as complex as what other so called guru’s say about Google rankings, all you need to remember is to create content that is for your visitors and not search engines (because on page SEO is easy as the video content has shown you) Continue doing all the right things for ranking your website and web pages because that is the only way to see any measurable results from your online business. I thank you for sharing this video and am looking forward to hearing your success story

07 How To Analyze Competitor's Backlinks

07 How to analyze competitor’s backlinks for free outlines strategies for competitor backlink analysis. Created by SEO consultant expert this video lesson shows you methods for seeing where your competitors are getting backlinks for their website. You can use Google search to find the online footprint of your competitors, for example, you can conduct advanced search queries such as the “link:” operator to see what Google will show for backlink data for your competition’s website. Having said that please keep in mind that Google does not reveal all the backlink data it has on any given URL. That is why there are many backlink analysis websites and platforms and almost all of them claim to have the most detailed data sets concerning the hyperlinks pointing back to a particular website. I can confidently tell you that the freely available backlink data gathering on your competitors can be done through: If you have benefited from this particular video session on analysing competitor’s backlinks for free then we encourage you to share it using this uniform resource identifier: When it comes to backlink data analysis, these freely available website’s usually give you more in-depth and actionable insights than other paid backlink data research providers on internet. Keep in mind also that, you can construct Google advanced search query syntax to find almost all of the information you will ever need on your competitors. To learn about many different ways of search Google visit: Originally uploaded by #rankyaseoservices for loyal fans, subscribers and new visitors, you can find all the other SEO related videos here at: Thank you for learning with me, thank you for subscribing, wishing you first page Google rankings;

Finding Local Keywords | Local Keyword Research | How To SEO

Get an entire keyword research video training series PLUS a case study showing how to find low competition KWs and rank quickly, go to: There are a million and one keyword research tools out there. And everyone of them claim to find the hidden gems that the other tools overlook. I’ll admit, I have purchased dozens of these over the years! What can I say, I’m a sucker for good sales copy. While some of them have some pretty cool features, I always end up just going back to the tried and true method of using Google’s own data. This tutorial shows the process that I use to discover the best KWs for any local client. The best part is that these don’t cost a dime to use. They do, however, require a little time to compile a comprehensive list but once it’s done, you’ll have all the data you need for several months worth of content marketing. Here are the three tools I use: 1. Google Trends 2. Google KW Planner 3. Google Suggest Tool Step 1: Enter your seed KWs into the Trends tool and filter by location. You can go broad or narrow all the way down to a city level. I generally try to get as narrow as possible by going all the way to the city level. But there are times where there won’t be enough data so you have to widen the area by going up a level to a region. This is the hierarchy that I would follow: city – region – state – country In other words, look at city level first and if you have a good amount of data, then your golden. But if thereis little or no data, move up to region. If not enough there, move up to state, and so on. Once you have a good data set to work with, take notes on the “Top” terms as well as the “Rising”. These will be used as seed KWs in the KW Planner. And be sure to take advantage of the ability to compare up to 5 KWs at a time. You can get a great list of seed KWs based on their interest level in your target location. Step 2: Go to the KW Planner and set the Targeting to your target city. Paste your list of KWs that you generated from Trends and click “Get Ideas”. After it thinks for a moment you be served with two tabs, “Ad Group Ideas” and “Keyword Ideas”. Both of these tabs can provide valuable insights into the KWs that Google determines are relevant and in fact, the Ad Group Ideas can be used to help design website silo structure, but that is for another blog post! Go to the Keyword Ideas tab and look at the results to get more of a feel for the related terms. Or just go ahead and export the list because next you’re going to want to go through the exported csv file […]

How To Rank Any Website In Just 48 Hours With Redirecting [Hindi]

Namaskaar Dosto, iss video mai apko batunga ki aap redirecting ki madat se kaise website ko rank kara sakte hai vo bhi sirf 48 hours. Mujhe umeed hai ki yeh video aapko pasand aayegi. Related Videos: How To Place Google Adsense Ads on Website——- Google Adsense Payment Method Explain———— If you really like this video then don’t forget to like it. Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: Facebook Myself: Google Plus: Website: About : News Remark is a YouTube Channel, where you will find blogging, technological videos in Hindi, New Video is Posted Everyday 🙂