Press Release versus Article Marketing

This has been a debate for internet marketers for years; where do they get more value – from press releases or from articles? To answer this it is important first and foremost to understand what a press release is and what an article is. A press release is an announcement about something that is happening in a business. It can, for instance, be about the addition of a new business branch, increased business and so on. Articles, on the other hand, are all about information. They can be about the business, about the niche, about the products and services and so on.

The fact is that both press releases and articles are useful if used correctly. If there are new things happening in a business it is important that users know about them. It is also very important that users read articles submitted by your website. That said, there are areas where press releases trump articles:

The first is cost vs. return

Press releases are more expensive but they generate more traffic. This is because when new things are happening in a business it seems to be on the up and up and users want to interact with it. You can generate up to 4 or 5 times the number of leads with a press release as compared to an article. That said, they are also costly. If you have money constraints they are not a viable option.

Press releases are specific.

There are certain areas of a business that cannot be written about very precisely using an article but that are captured beautifully in a press release. This is because they have a very specific format. They are all about who is making the announcement, what the announcement is, where it is happening and so on. These are almost impossible to put in article format. If you have content that you feel an article doesn’t quite express just whip it into a press release. This brings us to an important question: do they have to be factual? As a matter of fact they don’t. You can write a press release about something that hasn’t happen at all. You can announce an increase in profits when there is none. The purpose of a press release is to impress users. No one will come after you to find out whether the details are true or not. That said, be careful to write about events that are within reach of your business. If you stray too far you risk introducing doubt.

There are certain things that you should watch out for when writing a press release. The first is that it has to be newsworthy. Write it and then read it and ask yourself whether a journalist who comes across it would be willing to put it in their newspaper. Second, what in it will impress users enough that they will actually want to do business with you? If you cannot peak their attention they have no reason to want to click on the link that leads them back to your website.