Press Release or Article Marketing: Which is Best For SEO?

This is a common question that internet marketers must face once in a while: should they invest in writing articles or should they go all out and have a press release out every week? The truth is that both of them have their merits and as a business owner it is up to you to decide which is best for use when.
Articles are all about information. They tell users about your business, about your products or services and so on. Press releases, on the other hand, are structured in a very specific way and they are intended as news items – they are there to inform users of any new developments in your business. Both press releases and articles are necessary for a healthy marketing strategy but they have to be used correctly.
There are some businesses, for instance, that pump out press releases every week in the hope that they will get links. This is simply wrong and ineffective because they are disobeying link building rules. For one, links have to be organic. If they are not they are simply not useful. You can have one million leads but if they are contrived they are useless. You can have one or two links to authority sites that will give your SEO a great boost. To get the right quality of leads you are much better off using articles. They provide information and if they are good enough they will eventually end up on sites that matter.
Does a press release have to be factual? This is a common question among internet marketers and the answer is that they don’t have to be. The reason for this is that there is no way for users to know whether the information that is contained in a press release is true or not. That said, you should strive to keep your press releases as realistic as possible. You cannot write a press release about business expansion on a new location when there isn’t one. You can, however, write a press release citing year on year increase in profit. There is no way for users to know whether it is true or not.
Do articles have any value? Yes they do because it is through them that you tell users what they need to know about your business. Increasing completion means that every article that you churn out must be of the highest quality. This isn’t just to impress users; web crawlers are also rating content based on how well it reads. If you write articles that have poor grammar or spelling you can be sure that they are of no value in terms of SEO. Each should be proof read before it is uploaded onto article directories. Don’t get overzealous and post too many – one or two at a time will do. If you have been posting articles for a while you should take down old content and replace it with some that is new and has a fresh perspective in order to keep users interested.