Article Directories and How to Use Them For SEO

Not long ago, article directories were an easy way to get traffic. All one had to do was submit articles that had a link at the end; users would find the article and click on the link which lead the back to a website. Today, however, things are rather different. Some internet marketers, in fact, will tell you that article directories seo are dead. Is this true? Best Article Directories The fact is that if you know how to use them correctly they can greatly boost your SEO efforts. The first thing you have to know is what NOT to do. Watch out for the following:
• Poorly written articles – directories are on the lookout for content that doesn’t make sense. They want to be known as premier sites of information. Every article that is submitted is checked for quality. If you want your articles to be accepted you should be ready to offer nothing but the best content when article marketing.
• Look for directories that are home to good content. Anyone can start an article directory or article submission site. It doesn’t mean that they are good at checking the quality of the content. If you need proof look at even some of the more popular directories and read some of the content – it can be downright bizarre. You have an obligation to find directories that have high quality content because that is where users are looking for information.
• Look for directories that have an easy user experience. If they are formatted in a way that makes them hard to navigate users get frustrated and leave.
• The number of links that you are allowed to submit per article is relevant. If they are too many the article looks contrived. One or two links are enough.
Now you know what to do, what should you do?
There are several things that you can do that can make article directories a good SEO tool:
1. Have a budget. For directories to work you have to submit a lot of articles. As a business owner you may not have enough time on your hands to generate that amount of content. Hire a professional to do it for you. In addition to that, paid directories usually give the best results. Have some money aside that you can use for this.
2. All the articles that you submit should be SEO proofed. Do they have the right keywords in place? Do the titles contain the right keywords? Remember, web crawlers go over article directories in the same way they go through other web content. If they find and like your content they will give you better ranking.
3. Make sure not to over-submit. One or two articles at a time are enough.
4. Track all traffic that originates from all the directories that you have submitted to. There are tools that you can place on your website to do this for you. In time you will get to know which ones are best; focus your energy on those.
5. If there is any content that seems to generate a lot of traffic share it on social media.
Use these tips for article directories to help your SEO efforts.