SEO and Internet Marketing Optimization

magic-submitter-1 Review

We just did a five video set of reviews for Suite of SEO Tools. This is the ultimate toolkit for online marketers and SEO’s. Backlink checker, keyword research tools, site metrics from sites like MOZ, ahrefs, MajesticSEO, SEMRush, Rank Tracker and much more. Check out the review series if you have questions.

Directory Submission

This section will discuss the Pros and Cons of submitting your site to web directories. It will show you how to submit them correctly, if you choose to. We will also explore the option of submitting your site to search engines and the correct way to optimize your site before submission. Does submitting our site gain any SEO value? It can but if done to aggressively it will do a lot of damage.

Linking For Seo

Are you wondering what is the best linking strategy for your site? Will you do more damage than good? Building links is not as difficult as you may think but it has to be done correctly. Research how to get seo friendly links and structure them for your internet marketing benefits.

Rss Feed

Basics of RSS feeds and Aggregators. This is a commonly overlooked area of SEO but we will show you the importance of knowing what is going on and how to use RSS Directories for SEO purposes.

Local Directory

Local citations will help your local business greatly if done correctly. You can pay someone to handle local citations or you can save some money and do them yourself. If you do them yourself or if you hire someone you will need to know what is right and what it not. Local directories are the most important aspect of getting citations to your business but if done wrong, can hurt your SEO in a very negative way.

Article Directories

Should you use article directories or press releases? Many people will tell you that article submission is a waste of time. If done correct they can benefit your SEO. Do you need more explanation to the differences between a press releases and a general articles.